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That was when I ruled the world.

Posted in boredom, weight loss, wiifit by Bryan on June 27, 2008

Man, I dont have a life. My plan today after waking up was sitting around on the couch watching the Project Runway marathon, while casually playing Final Fantasy on my DS. In the olden days, this could be turned into chain smoking while listening to the radio. In the older olden days, I could be throwing pebbles against each other to discern the future. In the older older olden days, I would have been eaten by a dinosaur. Lung Cancer, A poor future, and being digested dont seem appetizing to me. But why does sitting on the couch watching flamboyant shows while defending a fictional town seem appealing to me? I should read. I should do alot of things. My wiifit board, being the masochist it is, wants me to stand on it. I need to get off my ass and so something productive.

The Next Day: Yesterday, I ran for around 13 minutes (Wiifit says its around 2 miles. Big news for a Professional couch potato.) Well, that 13 minutes paid off. I do my daily weight test, to see how much eating 8 tacos effected me. Well, it didnt effect me. It said I lost 4 pounds. In one day! I dont know if its a fritz in the system, or an act from god. I dont know, neither do I question this beautiful basket delivered on my front doorstep. I can now be gleeful, I’m now only overweight (No longer obese). I can now only have mild humiliation when I swim, I can go from large to medium! I can no longer make myself look pregnant (I think I still can, It needs to be tested.)

The Day After: Teeming with joy with my recent major weightloss. I step on the wii balance board, with a shocking conclusion. I gained 7 pounds in one night! Sure, I did some serious snacking the night before, but its impossible to gain 8 pounds in one night. Still, this is discouraging. 10 minutes of step-aerobics and 20 minutes of running SHOULD cure this weight ailment.