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Lame Lame Lame Weekday Update

Posted in Abe Lincon, Acting, Chadwell, Dancing, Haele, Humor, Mutton Chops by Bryan on October 21, 2008

I’m a busy bee, what can I say? Now a days, I’m buzzing around pepped up on zoloft and B12, kicking ass and taking names in school. I dont have time to think of my sadness or the minor wrongs done to me. Why have that when I need to memorize lines (Which I should be doing now, but alas, my blog feels neglected (save for a dreadful post about intergalactic sex)) Life consists of drama club, television shows, shadowrun, and dancing. Yes my dear readers, I finally caught the jitterbug. I adopted a new pal, Haele, and her rag-tag crew of dancers. Normally, this type of people I’m not really attracted to hanging out with. But she also makes madlibs about rabbitsblood shampoo, so it works out well.
With this relationship, I found a newfound man inwhcih I will drip my affection on. Some kid named chapwell, who has mutton chops growing in. Yes, my fair readers, mutton chops. Mutton chops are the object of my complete compassion. If Abe Lincon were alive today, I would shag the notes out of his top hat. Four score and seven fucks ago? My humor is flushing down the drain.
What has also improved? Sense of fashion oh yeah. For about a week now I’ve been wearing amazingly tacky shirts, with four dollar fancy looking double breasted suitcoats. It makes me feel like someone. I strut about the halls with a weird sense of dignity and purpose. I think other people are noticing too.

Damn, this is a boring blog. Happy Lives=Boring Blogs