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Target Vs. Wal-Mart, No Contest in the Recession
Wal-mart, the behemoth of the 20th century, the meteor of the dinosaurs, which are now small businesses. They are now planning to make one more company extinct, Target. In a time of recession, Target is struggling. The chain store used to specialize on on non-consumables, and focused on selling trendy clothes and forward thinking furniture. In this generation though, people aren’t yearning for niche, floral printed garbage cans, they are willing to spend less money on an ugly, Winnie the Poo felt blanket.
All across the boards, people have been spending more on nessecities than luxuries, a huge blow to Target’s market. In retaliation to this trend, they started opening grocery aisles. This attempt at a comeback didn’t work though, Wal-Mart dedicates more of its store to food, and at a cheaper price. Even if Target tried to move it’s prices down, Wal-mart will follow suit and drop their prices even lower. Also, people just see Target as being overly expensive. A store that used to focus on 35$ graphic tees switching to food items? The public bets that they are over-kitsched, and over priced food labels manufactured to appeal to the hipster wannabes who shop at Target.
Target is falling into a large abyss that failed Bush policies created for them.


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